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Double Meme with Piyoaaa by Flipsy529
Double Meme with Piyoaaa
i seriously just got the time to put this shirt up with the talented :iconpiyoaaa: 
My side: 
1. i actually proud of this pic lol yes hina just says shes a soldier, hard to believe right?
2.yes hina sees tavi like another daddy! always feeding her and making sure nothing gets crushes her, sweet daddy <3
3. i sorta do see this happening , this boy will eat anything lol. little hina no more going to random portals!
4.freaking hina always thinks its play time when facing danger 
5. eat, ak tavi pretty and pray t fire god, anything to see her daddy smile!
6.  i see more tavi being in charge idk 
7. it as a really sweet moment really. tavi actually expressing his feelings to hina for once. it mustve shocked her since tavi bottles up his feelings. 
8. hina... look more like a boy now
9. hina is too fun to be serious lol
10. hina loves the way tavi is, theres no need for change!
11.tavi! stop scaring away her dates! 
12. i honestly wouldve put all of the family but i thought we were only suppose to do the 2 only. 

piyoaaa side comment!
1. oh boy~ you looking good <3
2.  awww hina is sooo cute in here...
3. i dont hav a problem about that tavi..shirtless yassssssss<2
4. Hina: ;~;
5. seeing a adorable little child eating ur food and say its the best warms any heart <3
6. whos in charge?! idk anymore! ( again cutie boy <3)
7. i was hoping for a good memory but eh lol
8. yassssssss tavi! work it! work it! strike a pose!
9. oh god this is too cut!
10. what u mean u guess? u love hina! right?
11. awww big daddy crying over marriage( same with zaheer)
12. i love the whole family pic <3


Flipsy529's Profile Picture
United States
yeah idk what to put here man
I decided to stop making tributes for a couple of reasons. 
1. they would be muted off or taken down due to copyright thing
2. didnt really get much views on it so the work of it wasnt very worth it. 
3. sorta had like one last strike 

but as of recently I decided to start uploading again with my speed paint videos. so yeah Im gonna fix up y channel and just do speed paints for any big pictures or requests i get. subscribe if you would like to see future videos. you guys can request if you want however now that i am now recording myself it might take abit longer. spread the news! Flipsy529 is back back on youtube! ( even though i call myself its still cool lol)
( i gotta fix my tumblr and instagram too...damn. )…
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